Gravy Williams

Our business is our passion. How great is to work with all this cool gear? Guitars, Amps, Pianos, Keyboards, Audio, DJ Equipment, etc. Then, we get to work with touring musicians. And some of them are our heroes! This business is about great services, great products, and great techs.

To exceed our customers expectations and advance with the best service, gear, and on time!

Continue to expand our services and offerings throughout United States.

Our employees are our greatest assets. Training, experience, and customer focus is there mission.

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Toll Free +1-844-677-7625
Tampa - (813) 246-4440
Columbus - (614) 371-6644

For over 20 years Backline Super Starts has toured throughout the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. From Corporate events, cruise ships, tours, festivals, and one-off shows. Expect Professional gear and backline techs.

  • Professional Backline Techs.
  • Latest gear for backline rental.
  • Broad product selection.